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Metro Manila’s #1 Premium Sports Bar & Lounge

Metro Manila’s #1 Premium Sports Bar & Lounge

Located at the heart of Makati’s central business district, the Mansion Sports Bar & Lounge is an upscale entertainment venue with three different outlet concepts making it the perfect spot for pre-dinner tipple, after-work party, huge crowd celebrations, and private events.

Not Just A Sports Bar.

Chef Jorgensen

Chef Jorgensen

A culinary journey commenced during his formative years as he honed his skills in his grandmother’s kitchen.

His gastronomic odyssey began as he sat on a stool alongside his grandmother, learning the art of crafting dishes with a profound appreciation for the simplicity of fresh ingredients.

Chef Sean has made a name for himself by elevating American comfort cuisine while infusing it with contemporary flair. His culinary prowess is now being extended to Mansion Sports Bar and Lounge, where patrons can savor his expertly crafted dishes and innovative culinary creations.

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